Secret Life of a Ghostwriter

6 Tips For Ghostwriting for an Entrepreneur Without Being An Entrepreneur

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful entrepreneur who has the time to be a prolific writer. Most of the time, they employ people to build a brand, presence, and readership for projects and initiatives they believe in using targeted ghostwritten content. After 6 years of ghostwriting for some of the most ...


Everything’s A Little Weird On A Faux Single Weekend

My wife's been reminding me that she's going to be gone for 2 nights in June since about April. I realized it's June the morning before she was to leave. Stuff got sad. LIFE WITHOUT WIFE: 10 hours After getting off the PATH train, I went through Duane Reade for two Red Baron pizzas and 2 cans of tuna for Fern since the ...

Casio Databank Calculator Watch

5 Watches Better Than the iWatch

Many tech-savvy millennials weren’t even born for the debuts of these ultra high tech watches of the 1980s. Though these 5 watches don’t sync with your emails or texts, nor send emojis, they were before their time, a little less expensive, and maybe just a little cooler -- even to this day. [caption id="attachment_59" ...